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Thompson Surgical, Inc.

Thompson Surgical Instruments delivers Uncompromised Exposure to a variety of surgical specialties with the Thompson Retractor. In use for over fifty years, the Thompson Retractor is the only mechanical retractor to offer one frame for all exposure needs, multi-planed retraction, and unlimited customization.

The key to designing retractor systems is surgeon input. Early on, Thompson began working with a variety of specialties to provide the specific exposure surgeons need. With input from surgeons of varying specialties, Thompson’s retractor systems have continued to lead the way in providing the visibility surgeons need to not only be successful but to give the confidence to try new, improved procedures.

Design Engineer Job Description

  • Duties are to use CAD software to create product designs to meet specifications.  Communicate with customers, sales, marketing, and independent entities to gain knowledge of product design requirements.  Collaborate in the creation of protocols for design verification and validation.  Complete corresponding test reports.  Participate in prototype fabrication internally and at suppliers.  Develop design documentation for the manufacturing of products including drawings, BOM’s, product specifications, and product validations.  Develop innovative CAD techniques to streamline the design and production process.

Pay Range: 

  • $????

Minimum Education:

  • Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering or Associates Degree in Engineering Technology. 

Additional Qualifications:

  • Two or more years experience in relevant work such as Machine Tool, Fixture, or other Mechanical Design.
  • Demonstrated ability to create concepts from brief customer requirements.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills.
  • Excellent research, problem-solving and learning skills.
  • Must be able to work in a team environment, execute responsibilities with minimal direct supervision, and have high attention to detail.

Additional Information:

  • Ability to travel to vendor and customer locations with a valid driver’s license.
  • Willingness to complete credentialing requirements needed to be in an Operation Room environment.
  • Sign non-disclosure and non-compete agreements.
Average Education Requirements
Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering or Associates Degree in Engineering Technology
Average Experience
Two or more years experience